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My Mother’s Gift

I had never seen the two liquor boxes before, sealed with duct tape so old the edges had become brittle, browned and cracked. More duct tape covered the suitcase I recognized as belonging to my grandmother. I had found them buried deep in the back of my mother’s closet as I packed up her tiny apartment after she lost her battle with cancer in 2009.

The Haub Collection at the Tacoma Art Museum

In November 2014, at the inaugural exhibition, Tacoma Art Museum took its place as one of the largest collections of art from the American West, thanks in part to a generous donation from Erivan and Helga Haub.

TOTE: 12,000 Rain Gardens

Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE) of Tacoma has created rain gardens to retain its industrial stormwater permit, reduce pollutants such as copper and zinc and improve the aesthetics of the TOTE terminal.

The Waterfront in Vancouver, Washington

Coming 2018, Earth is going to shift a little on its axis. The Waterfront, a 35-acre massive-scale mixed development will open along the riverfront in Vancouver, Washington.

Beacon Food Forest

The Beacon Food Forest is a two-acre area of public land in Seattle that was transformed with edible plants.

Bridget Gunning

Bridget Gunning learned the power of gravity when she was a child when a piece of her clothing got stuck on the outside of an escalator in a mall.